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20+ years of real-world experience distilled into instantly applicable steps, leaving you with tools to grow through change.

Refreshingly Practical, Engaging & Impactful

Neon Spheres

It's Time for a New Blueprint

Luxmihaasan provides attendees the framework to transform their relationship with their finances and fuel personal growth.

The FREEDOM strategy presented in his keynotes empowers the audience to understand and self-assess their situation, allowing them to bring on positive and durable change.

The audience will leave with:

  • An inspired perspective that managing and championing significant shift is entirely possible and even enjoyable.

  • Steps to cultivate a growth mindset to thrive in the face of stressful and frustrating change.

  • The education, energy, and motivation to take the first step to becoming financially free.

Luxmihaasan shows people how to be 

"Change Ready" by

  • Knowledge sharing to create buy-in for successful change.

  • Transforming change-stalling emotions into change-accelerating actions.

  • Building a lasting mindset, resources and resilience for profitable growth through ongoing change.

How We'll Work Together

Transform Your Financial Culture from Surviving to Thriving

Customized consulting,

training and workshops

that give you a lasting

mindset, resources and 

a roadmap to gaining your

financial freedom and a 

pathway to your own FREEDOM.


Quantify Your Baseline


Building a Plan Towards Change


Establishing through in-depths assessment, the current state of affairs, areas which require focus. In these preliminary stages, Luxmihaasan will create a measurable snapshot of where you excel and where you may want to direct your energies.

Delivering financial literacy education in the form of interactive workshop(s), and coaching helps you identify targets and milestones in your financial journey. The knowledge shared will provide a lasting framework, actionable steps to anticipate change and future disruptions caused by financial shifts. 

Accelerate Change with FREEDOM


Measure of Growth


In the form of a workshop, the purpose of this convening is to provide tools and resources inspired by the FREEDOM model to help effectively navigate one's personal financial journey. These sessions are aimed to reinforce and align one's mindset, as they implement the techniques brought forth at stage (2). As a result, participants begin to discover opportunities, successes and wins.

Having experienced a full cycle in their financial literacy journey, attendees are invited to conduct a re-assessment, revisiting their growth and progress. At the end of the session, a measurable snapshot is provided, ensuring lasting change is being implemented and part of the attendees' new ecosystem.

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