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Keynotes, Consulting and Virtual Solutions to ensure you have the mindset, behaviors, and tools to grow through change.

Your financial prosperity starts with the right vision

That's where Luxmihaasan comes in...


Universal Financial Literacy Coach

Keynote Speaker, Author & Consultant

Financial Literacy with Luxmihaasan

Harness the power of change, and find your path to financial independence.

With 20+ years of real-world financial service experience, distilled into instantly applicable steps, Luxmihaasan engages audiences of various stages in life, from around the world. His success resides in his interactive and collaborative approach that focuses on the person and their unique journey. He aims to educate on the fundamentals towards financial freedom, empowering his conference attendees and readers with the tools and resources they need to understand and manage their finances, build wealth, and live the lives they are truly meant to.

Change Your Financial Culture from Surviving to Thriving

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Recognize The 

Need For Change

During challenging times, you may feel inundated with feelings of conflict, fear, anxiety and grief. Seeking a solution, resources and guidance is the first step towards a life changing pathway. 

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See Change As An


Working collaboratively and gaining the needed education through workshops, seminars, e-Learning tools and 1:1 meetings will accelerate a shift, and empower you to develop a conscious mindset of opportunity towards your finances, and catalyse change. 

Pathway To

Financial Freedom

Change and adaptability are constants. With tools and practical steps gained during your dedicated workshop(s), you will be capable of intentionally shifting to uncover your strong suit and become resilient during turbulent times. 

Transform your relationship with money using the FREEDOM Model

Minimize Taxation

Tax minimization is a method using tax planning to evaluate and decrease the tax liability on an individual or business. Reducing your tax obligations can increase your cash flow.

Opportunities to increase your cashflow

Find means to increase your cash flow by being an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, or shareholder, owning investment properties, and applying additional strategies.

Debt Management

Debt management encompasses a series of best practices to control your debt, using financial planning and budgeting tools. Debt management includes analysis and effective use of credit.

Financial Management

Focused on management decisions aimed at financing your short-term and long-term financial goals. Financial management uses budgeting, cash flow statements and monitoring, investment decision analysis, and dynamic reports.

Retirement Planning

Strategies and means of preparing today for your future retirement. Retirement income can be funded by multiple sources.

Education Planning

Education planning determines the cost of, and plans for funding of post-secondary education for your children. The purpose of having a sound education plan is to lay a foundation for their future development.

Estate/Succession Planning

The process of preparing to manage/transfer a person's assets and care in the event of incapacitation or death. Succession planning is a key element of business operations, continuity, and the ascension of new leaders/owners, in replacement of the current leadership should they fall ill, retire or die.


About Luxmihaasan Rasappah
Universal Financial Literacy

Our history is our strength - For more than 20 years, Luxmihaasan Rasappah has helped thousands understand the fundamentals to financial freedom. As a coaching professional and motivational speaker, Luxmihaasan aims to deliver education and inspiration to a variety of audiences. Luxmihaasan strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a great emphasis on delivering actionable content. Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Book a service consultation today.

Meet Luxmihaasan

Recognizing that each client has individual needs, Luxmihaasan Rasappah dedicates himself to understanding and appreciating each client's situation before making recommendations. He believes in educating clients and works diligently to help them develop achievable goals, understand their financial choices, and implement strategies that assist them in attaining their personal plans.

Holder of a bachelor's degree from Carleton University with a major in Law, Luxmihaasan Rasappah also has attained designations in the following areas: CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist), CEA (Certified Executor Advisor), CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) and CFDS (Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist). He also holds a financial professional certification in collaborative settlement processes; and currently practices in various provinces throughout Canada.

Founder of Kabis Accounting & Financial Service Inc. and Kabis & Associates Inc., his financial firm focuses on wealth protection and financial retirement planning. With a vast knowledge base, strong integrity, and over 22 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals and small businesses work towards pursuing their financial goals, while shedding light on tax, estate, and succession planning, and developing risk mitigation strategies.


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